Business Data Solutions can increase your store profit using your own sales data.

Tobacco manufacturers such as Altria and RJR are willing to pay top dollar for your POS System Tobacco sales data. The more products you sell, the more you are elligible to earn as our system automatically captures and sends your data every month.

Compatible registers

We are always adding new models. See below for a list of currently compatible POS Systems.



How does this process work?

The amount you are paid for your Tobacco Sales data will vary depending on the volume of your sales. Once you sign up, there will be a 1-2 week trial period where the reimbursement is calculated by the manufacturer. All of this will occur free of charge. You only need to purchase a plan once the trial period has been concluded.

After the trial period, the process is simple:

- Business Data Solutions will remotely connect your register/POS System to our network. From this point, we will recieve your sales data nightly to be prepared for processing.

- At the end of every month, this collective data will be sent to manufacturers Altria and RJR who will then reimburse you.

See below for a list of plans:


$40 Monthly

The basic package for one store. You will recieive monthly reimbursement for your sales data.

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$80 Monthly

A premium package for one store. Includes the same monthly reimbursmeent for your sales data, plus a web interface to keep track of your sales and earnings from our product.

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